16 Crazy Things That Happen When You Meet Your Girl's Family For The First Time

No doubt love is the best emotional feeling a human being can experience. Love can make you do things that you may have never even thought of previously.  If you think impressing a girl you love and making her fall for you is one task, impressing her parents and convincing them to let you marry their daughter is even more complicated, especially in India. These are some of the things a guy may go through when he decides to meet his love’s parents for the first time.


1. That billion dollar planing and strategy you and your girl devise the night before


2. You ransack the closet to find the most appropriate attire for the meetup. However, you end up looking like…


3. You reach 20 minutes late and then you realise you came empty handed. So do they. Actually that is the first thing they notice


4. As soon as you enter the house you witness this. Your to-be (hopefully) dad in law


5. Bad luck always kicks in at the wrong moment and your urge to go to the washroom increases by 90%

You wonder how the hell did that happen even though you didn’t drink water for the past 12 hours. Worst thing is you feel shy to ask to go to the washroom and so you sit like……


6. The interview for World War III begins

Uncles, aunts, grandfather and an unknown neighbor starts questioning you which may seem casual but is actually as serious as an interview.


7. And then slowly you start feeling hot in Antarctica

Aircons, coolers, fans are of no use.


8. You hate this part but the usual and the most important question pops out from Bond, what do you do? You try to impress them and you go on like..


9. You realise that no one is getting impressed and you take your explanation to the next level


10. However, after Wikipedia takes charge no one understands what you actually do


11. Snacks arrive and you don’t want them to know that you won several eating competitions and pretend to be normal


12. And then out of no where – the tiny member of the family arrives

you have a tough time talking in an awkwardly high pitch cutie-cutie voice in an attempt to cuddle the kid and impress everyone around you


13. Meanwhile, your girl is in the background and you are caught a million times looking at her


14. You start feeling that the nature is too demanding and feel like giving up, but the washroom is only a dream away


15. Then a sign of relief with actually no relief

Bond says he will think over it and would like to meet your family. Something like ‘we will let you know’ in a job interview. Your situation goes from bad to worse as you know that none of your family members are aware of all this.


16. Finally when your friends meet you and ask – “Kya hua re”, you are like…