These 10 Signs Tell You If You Are Dating A Facebook Addict

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Facebook has taken our world with a storm. No matter how busy we are, we always have that extra minute to check our feeds, notifications and likes. The social media has got into the nerves of many people like an addiction. And like every addiction, it has some adverse but hilarious effects. Hence, if you are dating a Facebook Addict, you will notice these funny signs in your social-media-addicted partner!

  1. “Mah Lyf, Mah Rulezz”

Dating a Facebook addict means you are dealing with a person who has exceptional talent in setting high benchmarks. He might be depressed inside, but his attitude is no lesser than a rapper!


  1. Thumbs Up

The guy “Like(s)” everything, yes everything! The Facebook Like is so much into his head that even in real life, if he likes something, all he does is shows a thumbs up. Cause speaking ‘I like this’ is too mainstream!


  1. Extra expressive

A Facebook addict is always extra expressive. Once the guy starts speaking, you can consider the annual budget speech to be shorter than that. But here’s a stress-buster – you need to use your senses to understand his emotions no more! He takes the initiative to express himself; “Feeling Emotional”, “Feeling Happy”, “Feeling Sad” and every other ‘feels’ are ventilated literally.


  1. More of texts

Since Facebook offers more of texting, you can easily find the person being more comfortable in texting, rather than talking to you over the phone. And most importantly, he has the talent to express himself with the help of emojis!


  1. Selfie for every occasion

No matter where he is, a selfie is always on the cards. Date him for a few weeks and you’ll feel like the song “Selfie Le Le Re” was more apt for your guy than Bajrangi Bhaijaan.


  1. Never forgets to Check-in

May it be a lounge, disco, restaurant or home, your guy will never forget to check-in. He is extremely obsessed with the check-in feature and feels it a duty to keep his ‘Facebook Fans’ updated about his current location.


  1. Loves to Gossip

Ever since the initiative of gender equality has been introduced, the boys too have taken advantage of the same and are trying hard to compete with girls in chit chatting. Hence, you will never be bored!


  1. Bows his head every 5 minutes

No! Not in respect or for any religious concerns. They do it because they are too curious to know about their unread notifications, friend’s status and check-in of other friends. It’s a tough task that requires consistent concentration!


  1. Never forgets to send gifts, but on Facebook!

Thanks to the Facebook Birthday Reminder service. As soon as a birthday notification pops out, the best images from Google is searched in no time and is posted on the wall; along with a copied birthday phrase from Google.


  1. Requests you to send Candy Crush tickets

If you ever want to your Facebook addict partner go weak on his knees, simply do not entertain his Candy Crush requests. He will do anything for you in order to have his requests accepted!


QuackQuack is India’s leading Dating App. Download the App here now.

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