10 Reasons Why Love Will Definitely Make You Crazy

Love is a crazy thing! It makes us do the stupidest of things at the stupidest of time. Ever wondered how your ever-so-cool life turned into a mess when you started dating some girl? The tiger who roared after getting up at 11 am suddenly started to ‘meow’ at 6 am because his girlfriend wants him to join her for a morning walk! Here are 10 concrete evidences that suggest you will become crazy once you fall in love:

  1. Everything starts to look romantic

When you are in love, everything starts to look so pleasant. Your mom may be shouting at you at the top of her voice, but the same looks like a dialogue from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham to you.

Image 1

  1. Optimism is at its peak

Your love life has messed up your semesters and you had a narrow escape with the results. Still, you are confident of clearing the next semester with a distinction, get a new job, earn a fortune and marry her. Then one day you will call your girlfriend as your lady luck. Are you serious?

image 2

  1. You become a day dreamer

Traffic signal becomes irrelevant for you. Every face that you see reminds you of your girlfriend, even the ‘halwaldar’ looks adorable to you. (Sec 377 in business?)

Image 3

  1. Crying while watching movies

Every single love scene touches you. It is the 77th time that you are watching DDLJ, still you want to see the climax once more. Yes! Simran is running to grab Raj’s hand, but she could have taken the back door!

Image 3

  1. You like quiet places

All of a sudden you have started liking quiet places. These places give you a bliss because you can sit down and keep on making imaginative stories with her without any disturbances. But don’t choose a graveyard!

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  1. Affectionate towards ‘Pink’

Boys never like the color pink. Sadly, they start liking it as their love story progresses.

Why don’t you try a pink colored chinos baby!

Image 6

  1. You don’t like late night parties anymore

Late night parties? Then who will murmur on the phone all night long? One call from the girlfriend and the party is over for the day.

Image 7

  1. No beer

I don’t like guys who drink’ These words are enough to draw a line of separation between a guy and his childhood (from Class X onwards) friend, Carlsberg.

Image 8

  1. Productivity slowed down by 50%

Obviously your productivity has slowed by 50% and sometimes 90% as most of the time you are thinking about her and delaying your project submission.

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  1. Insomnia

Talking to her till 4 am and then morning walk at 6. She gets back home and takes an afternoon nap while you are fighting with your eyelids sitting in a meeting.

Image 10

Thus, it has become obvious that when you are in love, you do become crazy! You start doings that will make you laugh hard later on.