10 Things Couple in Long-Distance Relationship Face

Long-distance relationships can sometimes land you in an awkward situation where you are forced to re-consider your situation. Sometimes it gives you a bunch of happiness, but most of the times it makes you feel helpless. Here are 10 things that are usually involved in a long-distance relationship.

  1. Long phone bills

One of the biggest curse of long-distance relationship is long phone bills. You are unable to see your love daily and all that you can do is talk over the phone or Skype. Probably this is the reason Airtel has introduced ‘My Plan’ where your father will be bearing this bill (or maybe kicking you out of the house!).

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  1. Liberty – “Aisi Azaadi aur Kahan

A surprising benefit of long-distance relationship is you can flirt around with other boys/girls as well. “Baby I miss you!” save this template and use it in different chat boxes – copy-paste, copy-paste!

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  1. Savings!

This one is for all the lucky boys who are in a long-distance relationship. You get to save 50-60% of your salary when you have a girlfriend who lives in some other city. You don’t need to worry about a date with her in a 5-star restaurant or shopping at Armani. So, want to have a beer party this weekend with friends? Cheers!

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  1. Missing your Significant Other Every Second = Dukhi Aatma

Ah! Those sad and out of the world songs of the 1990s continue to play in a loop when you are missing your loved one. Life becomes a little ‘dukhi’ and you become a ‘dukhi aatma’ for the rest of the world.

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  1. Frustrating Suspicions

A girlfriend’s suspicion can come out of anywhere. Raat ho gayi? Kaha ghoom rahe the? Bahar the toh phone kyun nahi uthaya? Kiske saath ghum rahe the? And the story continues…

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  1. The Long Wait when She is Angry – Watt lagi!

The moment your girlfriend gets angry understand that the curse of long-distance has hit you. Like a person affected from Tsunami, wait till she cools down and then begin by apologizing (even though you are as innocent as Bhartiya Janta!)

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  1. Missing you, I want to see you right now!

There are moments when you feel like your love story is almost like a movie you watched last night. Your girlfriend tells you that she loves you beyond anything else and follows it up by saying “I need you here”. And,like any romantic hero, you jump up from the bed and try to get dressed up as soon as possible only to realize that your pocket Rs. 85 in it with days left in the month. (So ja beta, aaj fir sapne mein mil lena).

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  1. Lame pranks, causing stupidity

There may be a situation when a partner tries to mock the other and ends up causing stupidity.
Girl- Kal main ja rahi hoon, ladke wale dekhe aa rahe hai.
Boy-Shaadi ke phere mere chita ke upar honge!
Over-reacting at its peak!

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  1. Degrading trust

Long-distance relationships will always have trust issues. Ye ladki ki hasne ki aawaz tumhare piche se kyun aa rhi hai? Class mein kitni ladkiyan hai? Us pic me Ankita tumhare itni close kyun hai?

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Uff! Maine pyar hi kyun kiya!

  1. Bollywood inspired meetings

Alas! She is right in front of you after 2 years, at the airport. The scene is all set; Boy – Shah Rukh Khan, Girl –Kajol.
You gradually move ahead and start to run towards her. Almost there and then suddenly the evil wet floor does the trick. You slip and fall on her with more than 100 people watching you. Embarrassing? Or Embracing?

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Usually, a romantic love story becomes a tragic love story when it is in the form of a long-distance relationship. Conversely, if a long-distance affair doesn’t work for you, feel free to try Himesh’s sad song collection!