7 Reasons Why College Romance is Not Going to Last

College life is one of the best time that we have. There is liberty and energy, however, we lack in monetary. Nevertheless, there are a pool of things that we do in college life and yes of course! We all have that ‘Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumaar, Naya Pyar hai Naya Intezaar!’ However, the bitter truth is that ‘Beta tumse nahi ho payega’. Believe it or not, but 70% of love stories that start in colleges end in a dance bar. Want to know why? Here it is!

  1. Innocence – Dil to Baccha Hai Ji

When we are in college, our heart is untouched from selfishness and dirty picture politics. We are innocent lovers, and like to play it simple.

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But as days go by, she takes lessons and holy mantras of seeking her own happiness in relationship. And just when she starts implementing the mantras, we realize “Naagin jaisi zulfe thi, ab puri nagin wo!”

  1. The “I am a Hunter” Mentality

With characters like Ranveer Singh and Emraan Hashmi highlighting Bollywood, every guy wants to be a heart-throb of many beauties. He tries to flirt with every single girl and in the end, all that he gets is a ‘Tere Naam’ DVD (pirated).

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  1. Lightweight Pocket

College is the right time to romance, but not the right phase to date. You might succeed in impressing her with your good looks and witty jokes, but when it comes to dating you can afford only a ‘McAloo tikki’ (sharing basis). Romance will soon fade away as the girl realizes that ‘beta tumse naa ho payega’ (second time- mind it).

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  1. Heavyweight Dreams

College days are the best days to dream. On one day you plan to become a successful business tycoon and the other day you are looking for a career in modelling. In midst of your future planning, you start ignoring your girlfriend and choke your relationship.

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  1. The Endless Conversations – “Pakk gaya hoon!”

Believe it or not, college girls are like automated customer service. They can keep on talking hours after hours. There is a point of time when you feel like disconnecting the call, switch off your mobile phone, wear a saffron dress and become a ‘Sanyasi’.

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  1. Abhi to Party Shuru Huyi Hai

Your confidence is at the peak when you have your first girlfriend in college. Therefore, you look forward to make some more (shhhh! Secrectly).This makes you wander around and are never serious with any of the girls in your college life.

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  1. Forever Alone

This one is dedicated to all my Engineering buddies! The heartbreak that you face when you realize that you are in an engineering college and you hardly see any girl around you.

@#$% love story!!!

“Yahan pe dekhne ko nahi milti aur relationship banane ki baat karte hai! College life books, sutta aur beer me nikal gayi.”

(Ye Saali Zindagi)

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