13 Reasons Why a Tamilian Girl Will Be the Most Desirable Date

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The culture of South India has a blend of rich traditional values and modern style, and so do the girls residing here. A Tamilian girl is sober and calm, and have rich moral values. Apart from this, they have a huge list of qualities that make them the most desirable date. Here’s a glimpse!

  1. Very Attractive

A prevailing myth about Tamilian girls is that they have dark complexion. But as a matter of fact, Tamilian girls are one of the most beautiful and attractive girls in India. Do not believe me? Well, Sridevi was a Tamilian. Trisha is a Tam. Need more references? Shruti Hassan!


  1. Idly and Dosa is their First Love!

As she belongs to a rich-cultural family, she loves the local, traditional food. She has had lots and lots of Idly and Dosa since her childhood, and that’s what she loves to order in restaurants where you aren’t quite sure about the quality of food. Hence, while you’ll be thinking which experimental Italian dish should decide your date’s fate, she would stick to the basics and order her favorite variety of Dosa. Played safe, Date saved!


  1. Knows to wear a Saree

Unlike today’s ultra-modern-stylish-fabulous girls of the society, Tamilian girls are taught to wear a saree from a tender age. In this way, if you go on to marry her, she will definitely keep your parents happy with her ‘Sanskar’.


  1. Ideal Home maker

Tamilian Girls are born and brought up in a joint family. Hence, they are used to seeing a lot of people. They can easily manage playing various roles under one roof.


  1. Intelligent, for a change!

Needless to say, they are good decision makers and have updated ‘General Knowledge’. Moreover, they are well aware of the fact that Rahul Gandhi is not the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.


  1. Mostly Vegetarian

If you come from a vegetarian family, she will be your perfect match! What’s more, eating veg food would keep you healthier and less prone to the problems caused from consumption of flesh. Once you live around her for a few days, you will be like: ‘Non-veg, yucks!’


  1. Mathematics & Science are like cakes to them

Tamilian girls are always good with numbers. Propose to her immediately if you want your forth-coming generation’s report card to have 90s in science subjects.


  1. Free-Invitation for Pongal

Pongal is a grand festival celebrated in Southern-India. An invitation (yes, free invitation!) to this festival will give you a lifetime experience.


  1. Open minded

She doesn’t mind if you take a drink occasionally. Nor does she mind when you talk to a friend who belongs to the opposite sex.


  1. Sweet and Simple

To sum-up, a Tamilian girl is extremely sweet and simple. Her lifestyle is not dependent upon wearing some of the costliest brands, nor does she believe in dining at a 5-star hotel. All she wants is a decent guy who can respect her and keep her happy.


  1. Rajnikanth’s Fan

Yanna Rascala! She has to be a fan of Rajnikanth because if she is not, then she is not a Tamilian for sure. Pro Tip: Use ‘Sir’ in place of his name, and she will be more impressed than ever!


  1. Generous

Tamilian girls are very generous in terms of charity. They are always willing to help the poor and the needy.

Well, now don’t start begging an iPhone 6S from her! Charity is for needy, not for greedy!


  1. Gold is the threshold

Tamilians are always fond of gold. If you decide to marry her, you will end up being Richie Rich.


QuackQuack is India’s leading Dating App. Download the App here now.