12 Reasons Why You Will Never Regret Dating A Girl From Gurgaon

Gurgaon is one of the fastest developing areas in India. People who are a resident of Gurgaon have become adaptive to modern thoughts and hence, it won’t be a bad idea to date a girl from Gurgaon. There are many qualities in the girls of this region that will cast a spell on you to fall for her. Don’t believe us? Here’s some crunch reasons that will convince you!

  1. Invites you for a date

A girl from Gurgaon represents a modern day, independent lady. If she likes you, she will invite you for a date; rather than sticking to the script of 1990s Bollywood movie. No more waiting in the garden and then singing about the stars and the moon. It’s just a matter of ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’.


  1. Takes you to good places

Gurgaon has a lot of good places. Dating a girl from Gurgaon will give you an opportunity to realize the fact that India has some rich sites as well, apart from the mile long gardens and religious monuments where roadside Romeos often look for “True” love.


  1. Knows all the slangs!

Don’t expect a girl from Gurgaon to be innocent. She may appear as the sweetest girl that your eyes have ever seen, but when you see her in full swing, you will realize that she has a master degree in slangs!


  1. Probably works in a Multinational

Gurgaon is home to numerous MNCs. This probably means that your girlfriend works for a multinational. Now your parents have no reasons to reject her based on her qualification and achievements.


  1. Can create a perfect Love Story

Girls from Gurgaon are very serious about love. They are not the ones who consider love to be a ‘time pass’ affair. Hence, you can expect yourself to be the next SRK and she’ll be your Gauri.


  1. Shares high level non-veg jokes

Shying away from vulgarity is not their style. Expect a lot of non-veg, Savita Bhabhi jokes from them.


  1. Fashionable

May it be jeans or skirts, they carry it off perfectly. Now don’t expect her to be as good as ‘Lady Gaga’ in Poker Face.


  1. Open to changes

The people of Gurgaon have seen transformation. Hence, the girl whom you are dating is also open to changes. It won’t be a problem if you ask her to make certain changes in her lifestyle or shift from one place to another.


  1. Probably lives alone

Since Gurgaon is an industrial hub, it is possible that the girl may belong to some nearby district and is living alone in Gurgaon. There would be no restrictions in meeting, night outs and make outs.


  1. Loves Bollywood songs

After a long and tired day, Bollywood songs are the best things to refresh yourself. Hearing the same from your loved one will make you feel fantastic.


  1. Books movie tickets for you!

For girls who work in Gurgaon, money is not a problem. Therefore, you are not the only one who keeps paying for movie tickets. It is more like a 50-50 share. All of a sudden, watching movies become so entertaining. Isn’t it?


  1. Surprises you with a kiss

Gone are the days when girls from Gurgaon waited for their boyfriends to kiss them. If you are good enough for her, then be prepared to get kissed on the first date!


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