10 Reasons why Bong Girls are so irresistible!

Sugar, spice and everything nice is what the  ‘the Bong Beauties’ are  made up of., ermm, also a tint of high intellect, passion and mesmerizing beauty constitutes to the whole package though (sic). These Bengali girls entice any man with just one hair flip and a sharp glare..! (yep, the deal’s done). So, I’ve penned down the 10 reasons as to why ”Bong girls are so irresistible”!

  1. Ah., man those animated almond shaped eyes


Eyes that could fit the entire universe are something Bengali women are illustrious for. She can behold any man’s heart with a gaze.

2. Ermm…Dieting? what’s that?

Image 2

The one thing that you won’t hear from a bong girl is that, ”I’m on a diet” . She can hog on anything from veg to non-veg.