10 Reasons why Bong Girls are so irresistible!

Sugar, spice and everything nice is what the  ‘the Bong Beauties’ are  made up of., ermm, also a tint of high intellect, passion and mesmerizing beauty constitutes to the whole package though (sic). These Bengali girls entice any man with just one hair flip and a sharp glare..! (yep, the deal’s done). So, I’ve penned down the 10 reasons as to why ”Bong girls are so irresistible”!

  1. Ah., man those animated almond shaped eyes


Eyes that could fit the entire universe are something Bengali women are illustrious for. She can behold any man’s heart with a gaze.

2. Ermm…Dieting? what’s that?

Image 2

The one thing that you won’t hear from a bong girl is that, ”I’m on a diet” . She can hog on anything from veg to non-veg.

3. She’s a bang on culinariancooking-gif-2

Thanks to your Bong girl you will never be hungry around her. In fact, she’s a passionate foodie and can cook you anything from Chinese to Bengali from veg to non-veg. You will know all the names of the fishes for sure. (Betta watch out for your cals…)

4. Ohh…yea how can we forget about her long, lustrous raven locks..?!


Her long, thick And shiny hair can make anyone girl go green with envy and leave the guys drooling.

5. She does justice to the saree better than anyone


She’s absolutely drop dead gorgeous in her Bengali drape style saree. Her adah, beguiles her male counter parts so much that they are absolutely love struck.

6. She’s fiercely Independent and Confident


If you get fooled by looking deep into her puppy eyes, thinking she’s innocent and needs your protection..,then you seriously need a wake up call. Because a bong girl is a well learned person, don’t expect her to come to you for trivial things. She carries herself with an air of confidence and will never be the clingy teenage girlfriend.

7. She’s not a lavish person


You can just buy her a book and bring a smile on her face (In fact she’s an ardent reader that her library can put e-book and kindle to shame). So,  boys you can save up your big bucks because she’s easy to please.

8. One more catch for you boys..,her dad is not the villain of your love story


All Bengali dads are pretty much chilled out. So, don’t worry about any dramatic Bollywood climax saga, coz that won’t happen. The only person whom you have to pattafy is her mom, the alpha of the pride. Bong girls are very close knit with their families so, be accepted by them and your a winner.

9. Durga puja will never be the same with her


Durga pooja is ecstatic in itself but, bong girls will take it to a whole new level. This is because they are so proud of their culture and also very pious.

10. The pomp Bengali wedding


The grandeur of Bengali weddings can’t be described but they have to be seen…there’s extravagance everywhere from food to rituals. Everything is a blast with the bong beauty. And how can we forget that noise they make ”Alululululululu….” it’s fun too.

These are the general notions that we have on Bong girls so nothing is, “hence proved”. But boys it’s a roller coaster ride with em’…so, go find your bong bae soon.